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The ‘Internet of Things’ Is Changing the Way We Look at the Global Product Value Chain

By Rex Chen, Founder of TikTech The traditional product value chain has been shaken up with the unstoppable spread of globalization and the universal commodification of goods and services. Globalization has forced companies to adjust and respond. In fact, Internet of Things (IoT) products are playing a pivotal role in the alteration of B2C relationships, […]

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2 Steps to Gain 32,000 Visitors in, Yes, 1 Day

By Joe Shervell, Head of content marketing at Datadial I specialize in getting people to click on content. Whether that content is a blog post, an interactive resource or even an infographic, my aim is to get as many people as possible to click on the content, engage with it and share it. My main […]

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10 Daily Habits That Will Make You a Millionaire

by Daniel Ally, Entrepreneur Magazine Contributor You have to pay the cost if you want to be the boss. The cost is discipline. No leader can achieve success without a certain level of discipline. A disciplined person is willing and able to give up short-term pleasure to achieve long-term gains. Of course, becoming disciplined requires you […]

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