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Profinity [pro – finity] comes from a combination of the words “professional” and “infinity.” Profinity is a premier referral network for small to medium sized¬†businesses as well as home-based and personal businesses and projects.

The Profinity brand stands for no limits to professionalism and business success.

Our goal and mission is simple… provide a great resource for businesses to promote their products and services while providing a place where individuals and other businesses can find products, services and potential partners.


Profinity has put together a great library of eBooks focusing on business, marketing, and social media.

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We've collected a suite of services that all businesses need to succeed; from marketing to financial to core business help.

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4 Brands Killing It With Virtual Reality Marketing

BY AMANDA PRESSNER KREUSER Co-founder and managing partner, Masthead Media @mastheadmedia We’ve been hearing about the coming age of virtual reality for what feels like a lifetime (I remember playing with a crude VR headset at an arcade back in the early 90s). But while it may have taken a few decades longer than predicted, […]

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6 Small Differences Between Average Content Strategy and Genius Strategy

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Profinity Business Networking

Business networking has proven to be a really valuable way to learn from the success of other business owners, expand your knowledge of the business world, tell others about your business and acquire new clients. There are many business referral networks and one that you will NEVER regret being a part of is ours, the […]

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